LuxR products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are designed to provide many years of reliable service when correctly installed.

LuxR™ products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are designed to provide many years of reliable service when correctly installed. Our modular construction ensures that all components, including the LED Board and Internal Driver, can be easily disassembled for maintenance. Our confidence in the quality of our products is demonstrated by the comprehensive warranty that comes with all LuxR luminaires.

LuxR™ 10 Year Warranty

LuxR™ stainless steel* and copper luminaires have a 10 year replacement warranty on body components, subject to the standard conditions listed below (*excludes underwater fixtures ).

LuxR™ 5 Year Warranty

All LuxR™ aluminium luminaires with a UV stable powder-coat finish and underwater fixtures have a 5 year replacement warranty on body components, subject to the standard conditions listed below. We do not suggest powder-coated fixtures be installed where they can be walked or driven over as this can damage powder-coated finishes.

LuxR™ Lifetime Warranty

All glass lenses supplied with LuxR™ luminaires have a lifetime warranty.

Other LuxR™ Components

5 year warranty on other LuxR™ components, LuxR™ accessories and are subject to the standard conditions listed below.

Third Party Components

Coverage on plug-in (drop-in) LED lamps, power supplies and other 3rd-party components are limited to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Standard Conditions:

  1. Warranty is subject to proof of purchase being provided and begins at the date of invoicing from the factory.
  2. All LuxR™ luminaires must be installed according to the installation instructions supplied with the luminaires by a certificated electrician. The installer is solely responsible for determining the correct wiring of series or parallel luminaires.
    1. All connections within the electrical system must be waterproof.
  3. The environment in which the fixture is to be installed must be considered carefully when selecting the finish. Solid Bronze, Copper or Stainless Steel luminaires are recommended for high-risk environments such as near salt water or salt laden air. Aluminium luminaires may not be covered by the full warranty in these situations.
  4. Bronze, Copper and Aluminium fixtures are not recommended for installation in areas high in geothermal activity. Warranty is not offered for these materials in geothermal areas.
  5. For aluminium fixtures, warranty on the powder coat finish is excluded for failure due to exposure to: chemical substances in the ground, fertilizers and water containing corrosive agents.
  6. Stainless Steel requires regular cleaning with fresh water when installed in high salinity environments. (Refer to instructions supplied with luminaire). The warranty does not cover tea staining or surface pitting caused by inadequate maintenance procedures.
  7. LuxR™ underwater fixtures are not covered by warranty in situations where there are chemical imbalances in the water.
  8. Warranty is excluded for corrosion due to electrolytic reactions caused by the presence of electrical current in the ground or water.
  9. Warranty excludes impact damage (except for glass lenses), incorrect installation and incorrect re-assembly.
  10. Fixtures must be kept properly maintained, including replacement of gaskets and lenses when necessary and use of approved wattage lamps.
  11. Fixtures must not be pressure washed (water blasted). Please refer to IP ratings of each fixture.
  12. Hunza, at its discretion, may replace components to remedy the fault or supply a replacement fixture.
  13. LuxR™ warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of products ONLY. Labour charges will not be accepted.
  14. Warranty on transformers is limited to 5 years, and applies only when transformers are installed in environments at less than 40 degrees Celsius ambient temperature.
  15. LuxR™ will not be liable for any labour charges for any repair or replacement of defective drivers. Drivers have their own manufacturer warranty and any faults will be at the responsibility of the manufacturer.
  16. LuxR™ reserves the right to limit liability on non-standard (custom designed) luminaires and/or delivery arrangements.
  17. Damage caused by lightning strikes, high voltage spikes or incorrect polarity connection is not covered by the Black Label warranty.
  18. Polycarbonate and acrylic lenses are limited to a 5 year warranty.
  19. N.B. Acrylic Quartz, Cloak, TIR or Bollard lenses must NOT be cleaned with any petrochemical substance. This will void the warranty.
  20. Warranty excludes halogen lamps and lamp holders, which are consumable items.
  21. Use of 3rd party colour correction gels and filters will void the warranty if used with PureLED products.