Modux Two Wall Washer Recessed Plug

Modux Two Wall Washer Recessed Plug

The Modux Two Wall Washer Recessed Plug is easily installed. Mark out the luminaire position and have the wiring terminated at the location ready to receive the fixture with suitable connectors. Using a 41mm or 15/8” holesaw, cut a neat hole accurately in the surface where the fixture is to be mounted. Route the wiring out of the hole and electrically terminate the product. Fold the spring wings back against the body and inset into the hole. The flange will sit flush with the wall when fully inserted.

Power supply chart available for download here:

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  • Driver: Remote constant current driver required, or LuxR Integral 12V AC driver
  • Input Current: 700mA - 1050mA remote driver, 700mA integral driver max
  • Forward Voltage: 3Vf
  • Power: 2 Watt @ 700mA
  • Efficacy: 85 Lm/W - Delivered from luminaire with unobstructed beam
  • Colours: 2700°K, 3000°K, Red, Green, Blue, Amber
  • CRI [3000°K]: Ra 90
  • Beam: Asymmetric Wash
  • Glass lenses: Clear
  • Standards: IP68, LM79, CE, UL676, UL1598, UL1838, UL2108
  • Light Engine: Plug-in dimmable module equipped with Cree XPG-3 LED