LuxR-LED-18DC-700 driver

LuxR-LED-18DC-700 driver

The GE/Lightech LED-18DC-700 is an 18 Watt electronic, constant current, remote driver available to power LuxR series version fixtures in the USA market. It is ELV dimmable (trailing edge).

For exterior use, it is highly recommended to install this in a weatherproof box, available as an option from LuxR. The PC-17-02 weatherproof box is a requirement for UL compliance.

When this driver is used as a remote power supply, SERIES WIRING is required to connect the fixtures. Please refer to the wiring diagram overleaf.

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  • Input Voltage: 120-277VAC 50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 4V-26VDC
  • Output Current: 700mA
  • Wattage: 18 Watt
  • Temperature range: -25...+50C, max 90C
  • Dimensions: 133x40x30.5mm (5.23"x1.57"x1.2")
  • Standards: IP67, CSA, UL Recognized
  • Ordering Code: LED-18DC-700
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP67
  • Compatibility: Modux 2 or 4 products
  • Warranty: Warranty 5 years